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Mayor of Bristol and Young Person at Spear Bristol

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We believe young people are a source of untapped talent and ability. Our programme focuses primarily on the attitudinal and behavioural patterns that are holding them back while equipping them with the hard skills they need to find a job. This type of training works as you will read below:

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Hamda's Story

“Before Spear, I was really lost. I didn’t have any direction. I had a lot of family problems, and I developed anxiety. Even though I was trying to for work. It wasn’t working out. I just didn’t have no motivation.  

But after Spear, I’ve gained my confidence back, started believing in myself, and I’m more motivated. I’ve learnt the things I need for work, like communication skills and public speaking.  

I’m now working as a teaching assistant in a primary school. It’s been great – my confidence has been back up there; I’m able to communicate with people and I’m not afraid to ask questions or to ask for help, which has built me up as a person.  

I wanted to expand so I’ve started working as a Support Worker, because my career end goal is to start my own charity because I enjoy helping other people. When I decided to transition between those jobs, I needed help, and Spear Career helped a lot. It was a safe space and community where I was able to ask questions and go for guidance.  

My one piece of advice for any other Spear trainees is to keep believing yourself, never give up, and to take advantage of the opportunity that’s given through Spear. Your coaches are here to help you and guide you.”

Hamda is our first Spear Ambassador from Bristol 

Angel's Story

“I started working at Waitrose after I finished Spear, and I’m currently on my three-month probation, and I’m only a month in – and I’m already in charge of training new people.

Before Spear, my confidence and attitude I had towards myself was very, very low. And I wouldn’t be here today, standing up, without them.

My confidence is a lot higher than it was before – because I wouldn’t be stood up here talking to you guys.

When you finish Spear, you get a lot of phone calls from them. They check up on you, so don’t panic! And if you’re struggling with, applications, CVs, or you need motivation, they have sessions that they hold every Friday. You can come in, talk to your coaches – either for applications, or to talk to them in person. They’re lovely people and they’re here for you.

Over the next year, I want to finish my three month probation at Waitrose and become an official partner to them. I also want to pass my A Levels for Maths and Business.

To the trainees who are finishing Spear now – know your self-worth. You have so many great opportunities out there. Don’t let one thing bring you down.”

Courtney story

“The people I’ve met understand I’ve always had a bit of a problem with talking a too much. My problem is trying to keep it to one point without going on a tangent.

I’ve always struggled with staying on task, just the way I speak. One really good example of this is a few months ago I did an interview for an admin role in a letting agency, and it lasted an hour and a half. Safe to say I did not get that job. Not only that, but I’ve never really been the most professional speaker, so that was a struggle. I have a very bad attention span, I have a memory like a goldfish.

Before Spear I had a very rough year for my mental health. My friends helped me through that, but it was going downhill. I started to pull myself out of the hole that was I in. But due to the fact that I didn’t have a stable job and I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, I could feel it starting to slip back to where it was, and it just wasn’t nice. I didn’t want to become that girl again. |t was just really, really scary.

I went to a Job Centre meeting, and my job coach Richard, was nice enough to put me in touch with someone who suggested Spear to me.

I’m always one for trying new things. So I thought, might as well give it a go. And I’ve met all these lovely people from it, some of my favourite people I’ve ever met. We’ve got a little holiday together!

Spear really helped me. If it wasn’t for Spear, I could feel myself going back into that spot.

And in fact, I’ve now applied – I’ve gone to three interviews, and I’ve decided I want to go back to college in September, because I want to do A-level again and accountancy.”